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Mining Rewards
Mining Rewards
Mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin's public ledger of past transactions. This ledger of past transactions is called the block chain as it is a chain of blocks. For each generated block miner gets reward from Bitcoin network and transactions-fee.


BTC Global Network is service for cloud Bitcoin mining.

Cloud Mining is the process of generating blocks for blockchain. For each generated block miner gets a reward 12.5 Bitcoins with all transactions comission-fee in the block. Mining process in remote datacenter with shared processing power.

This type of mining allows users to mine bitcoins without having to manage their own hardware.

Video manual “How to start?”

Best stability. Uptime
Transaction fee
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Easy start
Mining with us very easy. Only 3 steps: – simple registration – choose package – rent powers V
Servers are located in an offshore zone in Germany. Even if in your country Bitcoin is prohibited to...
Dependable Bitcoin
Bitcoin rate is dependable. Every year the price for 1 Bitcoin is up to 200-300$. Actual exchange r...
Cheap prices
Our prices the best for mining. Smallest powers cost 0.00029 btc ($2-$3). It’s the best offer for mi
Realtime Mining Profit
All mined Bitcoins calculation in real time mode. Actual amount saved in log for history every 10 mi...
Stable withdrawal
Withdraw process every week.



I spent 30 minutes for registration and all settings. And I think it's a very useful service.


It's a very simple! I like it! I only choose powers and mining was started..


My best friend recommended me this service. I listened him and did not regret. I advise it for all!


I try mining Bitcoin at home, but it's very slow because the hardware which we can buy is not perfect. But mining in the cloud very fast.

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